Our enemies: 96 facial types from German prisoner-of-war camps

Stiehl, Duitschland's Vijanden, Cover.jpg
Stiehl, Duitschland's Vijanden, Voorwoord.jpg


Front page of a propaganda publication which contained portraits of 96 prisoners of war, which were taken in German prisoner-of-war camps in 1915. Also shown are a cover of the Dutch translation of the publication and a Dutch preface by the translator.


Otto Stiehl was a camp commander in the Weinberg camp and in 1915 he photographed prisoners of war in German camps. According to his memoirs, Stiehl did not set out with the aim to publish the photographs but the idea came to him in the course of his photography, undertaken during his free time. Once the publication had been authorised by the Ministry of War, the book was translated into Swedish and Dutch to counter rumours circulating in neutral countries of the bad treatment endured by those in German captivity. Around 40,000 copies were sold and this earned Stiehl an unexpected small fortune, as well as a reputation for being an expert in anthropological circles.