Five Arabic war songs by the famous war volunteer Fritz Klopfer

5 Arabische Kriegslieder_1.jpg


The document contains five songs in Arabic including a translation into German. The songs were performed by Hans Stumme (alias Fritz Klopfer) on 20 January 1915 on behalf of the Red Halfmoon Association. The songs narrate the unusual friendship between Germans and Muslims in the Halfmoon camp. Personal encounters in the camp were transformed into the propaganda theme of German-Muslim friendship and presented to a wider audience.


Hans Stumme was a honorary professor for Modern Standard Arabic and Hamitic languages at the University of Leipzig. He specialised in Berber and Arabic dialects, as well as in Turkish and he focused many of his lectures on the spoken language and popular traditions. Stumme was also an associated member of the Information Service for the Near East (Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient) and participated in sound recordings in POW camps. Stumme published Arabic poems under the pseudonym Fritz Klopfer.