German prisoners in Algiers

Duitsche gevangen in Algiers.jpg
Duitsche gevangen in Algiers back.jpg


A postcard picturing German prisoners in Algiers. On the reverse are words printed in poor Dutch: 'One can see from the look of them that they have not suffered from their treatment' ('Men kan hat hem avanzien dat zij niet van de behandeling te leiden habben').


All belligerent nations designed propaganda that focused on the treatment of POWs, which was intended to be targeted at neutral states (see for example Otto Stiehl). French propagandists stressed the positive treatment of German POWs in French camps, by circulating this postcard of seemingly well-fed and peaceful German prisoners in Algiers. The postcard’s message most likely had to contrast with the alleged bad German treatment of French POWs. The printed text on the reverse - the reference to the French printer Alex. Jouvène in Marseille and the inaccurate Dutch - allude to the propaganda nature of this postcard.