Letter by Tahar Chaaouche Kasi ben Mohamed to the Maskar committee

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This phonetically written letter by an Algerian prisoner of war is kept in the albums of Otto Stiehl. On the left it reads 'prizonier de gér 1 Bata 1 con nr 1093 Zosén Aleman'. On the right it reads: 'La létre 30te 1917. Doni le bonsore monsieur le prizidan de la komité maskaran fér le gran plézére avoiaie 1 koli de manjé Tahar Chaaouche Kasi ('3rd Algerian Regiment').


The postcard was written by Tacheraoud Kaci ben Mohamed who was held in the Halfmoon camp in Berlin. It is one of the few remaining letters or postcards of a prisoner of war. It also serves as a source which gives insight into the illiteracy among many captives and provides an account of the existing structures of prisoner-of-war aid agencies.