'Is India loyal?'

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The Dutch translation of the pamphlet 'Is India loyal?' was originally written in English and published by the German sponsored Indian National Party in 1915. To read fragments of the original source in Dutch please click on the source above.


In September 1914, German officials and anticolonial Indian revolutionaries established the Indian Independence Committee to incite unrest in British India. One of its strategies was the writing of inflammatory pamphlets such as 'British Rule in India: Condemned by the British Themselves' and 'India's loyalty to England', of which the Dutch translation is displayed above.
In this pamphlet, the Indian National Party rejected the official pledges of loyalty expressed by Indian leaders such as Aga Khan. Most Indians, they claimed, detested British rule. They criticised the British for their dedication to 'the rights of small nations' in Europe while maintaining their imperial stance in British India. The Indian Independence Committee translated the first pamphlet into Indian languages and Arabic in order to circulate it throughout Asia. It was also targeted at neutral countries, such as the Netherlands. The German embassy secretly made the Dutch version available to Dutch orientalists and others in order to gain support for Indian independence.