German propaganda in Islamic countries, March 1917



In this report of 18 March 1917, the French envoy Henri Allizé to The Hague listed all pan-Islamic propaganda printed by German officials in the Netherlands and circulated to the British and French colonies in Asia and North Africa. To read the original report, please click on the sources above.


Neutral countries and intellectuals played a vital role in the German Revolutionary Program. Subversive anti-colonial activities were planned in neutral territories, where Asian and North African revolutionaries secretly met with German officials, seeking to revolt in British and French colonies and on Russian territory. Neutral territories also served as a route for the secret transportation of pamphlets, activists, and weapons to the colonies.
This report of March 1917 testifies to the rising concern of the French envoy Henri Allizé to The Hague for the large amount of German pan-Islamic propaganda that was printed in the Netherlands. Allizé's inquiry illustrates the important role of the neutral Dutch empire in the secret translation, production, and distribution of German anti-colonial and pan-Islamic propaganda. He listed many leaflets, including the anti-British pamphlet 'India's loyalty to Great-Britain' and the brochure of al-Tunisi on French domination in Tunisia and Algeria.