The war and Momi's dream

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Dutch newspaper advert promoting an Italian propaganda film. Film clip


Italian films were enormously popular in the Netherlands, particularly propaganda films made after Italy joined the Allies in May 1915. With these films now being produced by a belligerent country, they entered Dutch cinemas with considerable delay and German authorities even appealed (unsuccessfully) for a screening ban. Some of the films can be considered as true masterpieces, showing the war from a very different angle. La guerra e il sogno di Momi was made by two masters of cinema: the Italian Giovanni Pastrone and the Spaniard Segundo de Chomón. It tells an unique story of a boy dreaming about the war after receiving a letter from his father, who was fighting on the front. Although the film reached Dutch cinemas relatively late, it was quite popular due to the dreamy, fantastic setting of the movie and the fact that it was free from overt propaganda messages, which had become abhorred by much of the public.