'Pan-Germanism and the war, by H.J.P.A. Kiersch'

Pangermanisme Van Holkema en Warendorf_Amersfoortsch Dagblad De Eemlander 05-04-1916_p4.jpg


Short review on the book by H.J.P.A. Kiersch Het Pangermanisme en de oorlog, which was published in Amsterdam by the publishing house Van Holkema en Warendorf.


The idea of Pan-Germanism was present in Dutch consciousness long before the war. The cultural and linguistic similarities of the two nations, along with their close and lively economic relations were emphasised to a great extent during the war by Germany and her sympathisers. The review explains how the book Het Pangermanisme en de oorlog sheds light on the war and on Germany, a country introduced unfavorably. Based on his experience of the realities of war, Kiersch described the dangers of Pan-Germanism for the neutral Netherlands. The book is not presented as an openly anti-German work but the main concept behind it is not fully apolitical.