'Germany's victory by Luis Antón del Olmet'

E.A. del Olmet, Der Sieg Deutschlands, De toekomst 1916.jpg


Short review of a pro-German book Der Sieg Deutschlands by the Spanish author Luis Antón del Olmet. Published in the Dutch weekly De Toekomst.


Luis Antón del Olmet was a Spanish journalist, politician, and writer. In Der Sieg Deutschlands he describes his journey through England, France, and Belgium during the war. Olmet sympathised openly with the Germans and so the book was translated into German and published in Munich. It was also introduced to Dutch readers in De Toekomst, which was a pro-German weekly. The anonymous reviewer, known only by the initials 'v.V.', aimed to convince the newspaper's readership that the whole Spanish nation was pro-German.