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Farbzeichnung im indischen Stil von Hand eines Kriegsgefangenen, im Vordergrund Mahabirji, im Hintergrund Dronachal Parba aus dem Fotoalbum des Otto Stiehl

These three drawings made by Ganga Ram Gurung in spring 1917 in the Halfmoon camp are preserved in one of the photo albums of Otto Stiehl at the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin. They…


Maori forestry and woman.jpg

A Maori Forester and a French Woman in Conversation

An official photograph of a Maori forester interacting with a local French woman in March 1917.


FBY_Marching on Tanga_small.jpg

Marching on Tanga. With General Smuts in East Africa

War memoir by British medical officer. This book became a bestseller and went through several editions, shaping impressions of the war in East Africa in the minds of the British public.


wounded examining their trophies.jpg

Wounded examining their trophies. Advance East of Arras. September, 1918

This photograph depicts wounded Canadian soldiers behind the Canadian advance east of Arras in September 1918. They are showing trophies to each other, including a pistol in the hand of the…



Achiel Van Walleghem, De oorlog te Dickebusch en omstreken

Achiel Van Walleghem, a local Catholic priest residing in Dickebusch and Reninghelst, just west of Ypres, kept a diary from August 1914 up until a few years after the war. With an…



Messter advertisement from 1918

German advertisement for Messter-Film GmbH, which was part of the government-sponsored Ufa concern. The advertisement was published in the Dutch film magazine De Bioscoop in early 1918.



De overweldinging van België by Lambertus Mokveld (advertentie)

Advertisement for De overweldiging van België by the war correspondent Lambertus Mokveld. It states that this is the first and only book by a trustworthy eyewitness of the German invasion…


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About the Sourcebook

CEGC -- Cultural Exchange in a Time of Global Conflict

This sourcebook is one of the outcomes of the three year-long collaborative research project ‘Cultural Exchange in a Time of Global Conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War’, funded by HERA (Humanities in European Research Area). It aims to introduce scholars and the interested public to rare or unknown sources and stimulate further research and thinking on the subject of cultural encounters.



The First World War resulted in unprecedented carnage but it also facilitated a remarkable range of encounters and exchange – direct and indirect, personal and mediated, forced or unforced and at times somewhere in-between. Diverse groups of people, categorized by nationality, race, class, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, political affiliation or geographical location, came into contact with each other. The aim of this digital sourcebook is to showcase this extraordinary range of encounters and exchange happening during and immediately after the war.