Maciste alpino



Italian propaganda film starring Bartolomeo Pagano announced in Dutch press adverts (


Maciste alpino was one of many propaganda films starring Bartolomeo Pagano, a legendary Italian actor and role model of Benito Mussolini. Maciste alpino was Pagano's first film following his debut as Maciste in the classic, Italian sword-and-sandal film Cabiria, which tells the story of an orphan girl in ancient Rome rescued by the strongman Maciste. Cabiria became a worldwide success and Pagano began playing Maciste in a series of spin-offs. After joining the Allies in May 1915, Italy began producing propaganda films. Maciste became, almost automatically, a symbol of Italian resistance and strength. Maciste alpino was a scenic propaganda piece, set in an Alpine landscape, ridiculing the Austrians and glorifying the Italians. Despite heavy German protests, the film was widely screened in the Netherlands and became very popular among the Dutch public, partly because of its beautiful Alpine setting and for its direct humor.