Camp of Gouda (Our Belgian Refugees in Holland)



Documentary made in 1916 showing a large group of Belgian refugees - women, men and children - in a camp in the Netherlands performing their daily activities (


A wave of Belgian refugees fled to the Netherlands at the outbreak of war, reaching a peak of around one million following the Siege of Antwerp. About 130,000 Belgians remained in the Netherlands throughout the war. Belgian refugees offered the Dutch living testimony to counteract German propaganda in the Netherlands. They frequented Dutch cinemas and edited their own newspapers. This film made by Herman van Luijnen, a Dutch film operator working for the French film giant Pathé Frères, is testimony to both a Belgian presence in the Netherlands and of Dutch interest in the daily life of the Belgian community.
The existing copy is given an English title, suggesting that the film might have been intended to be screened outside of the Netherlands.