Knitting mania in the Netherlands

het nieuws van de dag 11011915 breimanie.jpg


This satirical cartoon, published in the newspaper Het Nieuws van den Dag on 11 January 1915, ridicules the many Dutch women's committees that took care of the mobilized Dutch soldiers.


This cartoon was published in the daily newspaper Het Nieuws van den Dag. The newspaper was not overtly pro-Entente, as was De Telegraaf, but still it leant more towards Great Britain than towards Germany. The cartoon criticised the equipment and poor state of the mobilized Dutch army, which apparently needed the support of women's committees to become properly equipped. The cartoon also displayed the Netherlands as defenceless and weak. The 'brave Dutch lion', known from patriotic poems and songs, was depicted as a harmless pet animal playing safely at home with an elderly housewife as its mistress, and not the patriotic Dutch Maiden.