Advertisement for The Chronicle of the European War 1914 published in the Dutch book catalogue in 1916

Sijthoff_Het Boek 1916_p3.jpg


Advertisement for Gedenkboek van den Europeeschen Oorlog 1914 (The Chronicle of the European War 1914) in the Dutch book catalogue in 1916


At the start of the war there was great enthusiasm in the Netherlands for reading about the conflict. Brochures, articles, and books with the war as the main subject or as a backdrop aroused great interest. Novels, as well as studies on the war, were very popular among Dutch readers. Publishing houses and booksellers took advantage of this trend and published various works on war in large quantities. The Dutch were interested in the events of this war, its history, and its terminology. Bookstores offered Dutch works, very often inspired by German, French, and English examples, as well as translated publications on the war. Sijthoff was one of the first publishing houses to respond to this increasing interest in the war. The Chronicle of the European War in 1914 was already in preparation in August 1914. In 1916, it was advertised as the most important book about the war in the Netherlands. At the bottom of the advertisement appears a short note that the book will be soon sold out due to the large number of orders.