Her Sergeant

Ihr Offizier.jpg


German propaganda film from 1914 with Dutch subtitles 


This feature tells the story of a German soldier who received packages from a young woman who turns out to be a schoolgirl. The film was screened in Germany in 1914. In 1915, German officials realised that they lacked propaganda films and so sent Ihr Unteroffizier to the Netherlands with Dutch subtitles. The German schoolgirl became a Dutch girl, eager to support the German soldier and writing letter to him from Amsterdam. Little is known about Dutch reception of this film. As the war progressed, German propaganda makers decided to make more elaborate films set in a local context with the aim of appealing to local populations. Such films included Der Muller aus Flanders, addressing the Flemish community, Janje van Delft, directed at Dutch audiences (although the film was never made), and Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hart, that played upon Polish national sentiments.