The Battle of Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks

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Dutch newspaper advertisement about the official British war documentary.
Dutch critic's article about the London premiere of The Battle of Ancre and the Advancement of Tanks.
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The Britsh documentary showed for the first time tanks on the battlefield and it attracted many Dutch cinemagoers, who wanted to witness for themselves the wonder of war technology. Despite a general tendency towards pacifism, the Dutch were fascinated by the material aspects of war: the new machines and technical developments that were brought about by the war. The film was often compared to the Battle of the Somme, which had been screened some time earlier and caused lot of protests and confusion due to its frankness in showing the brutality of modern warfare. The 'tank film' was less popular but also less controversial. Yet, for some Dutch commentators it remained further proof of British militarism. The film entered Dutch cinemas after considerable delay, so that the novelty of it was lost.