La puissance militaire de la France

Frankrijks krijgsmacht _Alg Handelsblad 0111917.jpg


Dutch newspaper advert, French film poster of, and film excerpt of the official French propaganda documentary La puissance militaire de la France (1917) that demonstrated the military potential of the French army and navy.


The French propaganda film, modelled on Britain Prepared, presented different aspects of modern warfare, for example: training of the recruits; production of munitions; naval ships; and airplanes. As the war progressed, many belligerent states produced propaganda films showing the readiness of their army and navy to fight until a final victory. The first was produced in Great Britain and was soon followed by similar French and American films (Pershing's Crusaders). Such films enjoyed great popularity, even in the neutral Netherlands. They gave the public an insight into the war industry and military training, and strengthened a positive attitude towards the Allies. Dutch audiences were thought to be strongly pro-French, much to the concern of German and, to a degree, British, propaganda makers.