The Heroic Women

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A series of postcards signed by Em. Dupuis (probably the French illustrator Emile Dupuis) portraying women from different Allied regions.


‘Les Femmes Héroïques’ is a series of postcards signed by Em. Dupuis, who is most likely to be the French illustrator and lithographer Emile Dupuis. ‘Les Femmes Héroïques’ is a panorama of women from a range of Allied regions, including a French Alsatian, a Belgian Flemish, and a Polish woman. On the one hand, Dupuis stressed their diversity by portraying them as ‘regional types’ wearing typical clothing and headdress, and accentuating physical traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes that were typically associated with the Flemish ‘race’. On the other hand, Dupuis stressed the unity of these heroic Allied women who were united in their fight for the Allied cause. Alongside ‘Les Femmes héroïques’, Dupuis also drew other postcard series such as ‘Nos Poilus’, ‘Nos Alliés’, and ‘Leurs Caboches’, which were equally panoramic and anthropological in scope (see This popular anthropological-racial approach also characterised Otto Stiehl's Unsere Feinde: 96 Charakterköpfe aus deutschen Kriegsgefangenenlagern (view).