De toorts 1916 in 1830 worden de Nederlanden verscheurd door de Franse (vrouw)-p1.jpg


This June 1916 cover of the German sponsored Dutch magazine De Toorts (The Torch) shows how a French woman tears Flanders away from the Dutch king Willem I in 1830, the year in which Belgium became independent from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.


In the Great Netherlandish view of history 'Belgium' was not a natural state, but the unfortunate result of early 19th-century French manoeuvring which tore apart the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1830). This 1916 issue of the German financed magazine De Toorts (The Torch), printed in the Dutch city of Utrecht, shows how in 1830 a treacherous and effeminate France tears Flanders away from the Dutch king Willem I. To this small faction of Dutch and Flemish intellectuals the First World War seemed to offer opportunities to right this historical wrong and to reconnect Flanders and the Netherlands in a new, German-led Europe.