Letter from Hubert Montgomery to Alan Johnstone on anti-Allied propaganda in the Netherlands, 1916

Montgomery_to_Johnstone_on Langenhuysen.jpg


Official letter from Hubert Montgomery (Foreign Office, London) to Alan Johnstone (British envoy in the Netherlands) on anti-Allied propaganda in Amsterdam in 1916.


In the letter, Alan Johnstone's attention is drawn to the shop window of the bookstore Langenhuysen in Amsterdam. Later correspondence between German officials and Bernard Mensing (owner of the bookstore) shows that Mensing was considered to be a real Deutschenfreund (German friend). In 1917, thanks to German subsidies, he agreed to open a bookstore in The Hague. At C. L. Langenhuysen Boek –en Kunsthandel he sold (among other items): German books, which dealt with all manner of themes and not just military or political concerns; pro-German foreign books; and German-sponsored propaganda books. The concerns of Wellington House, as reflected in the letter, were completely legitimate.