Wangert, Stefan, Die Zeitungen der orientalischen und kaukasischen Kriegsgefangenen in Deutschland cover.jpg

Der Neue Orient was one of the periodicals published by the Information Service for the East. As the table of contents shows, it reported on economic, political, cultural, and social developments in…


Themes: Propaganda; Newspapers & Magazines; Imperial Strategy
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Published in 1916, the novel Greenmantle was a wartime bestseller written by the English author John Buchan who also worked as a high-ranking propaganda official at the British propaganda office,…


Themes: Religion; Race; Propaganda; Neutrality; Mobility; Language; Intellectual Exchange; Imperial Strategy; Captivity
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The postcard shows a group of prisoners of war and their guards in the propaganda camp in Wünsdorf. They are shown supposedly in their leisure time; some of them doing a three-legged race, others are…


Themes: Race; Propaganda; Postcard; Photograph; Captivity
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In 1914, a war journal titled Indian Ink: Splashes from Various Pens was launched in India, edited by Everard Digby and published and printed by Messrs Thacker, Spink and Co. in Calcutta. Published…


Themes: Race; Newspapers & Magazines