A nurse's autograph book, from an anonymous source, which includes the above cartoon of a nurse being frightened by one of her patients, an Arab man. The caption reads:
Little Nurse Muffet
Sat on…


Themes: Race; Gender


In August 1915, the British Indian revolutionary and German agent Chempa Karam Pillai (image 1) wrote several reports from Amsterdam to the German-sponsored Indian Independence Committee in Berlin. He…


Themes: Religion; Race; Propaganda; Neutrality; Mobility; Letter; Language; Intellectual Exchange; Imperial Strategy
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Achiel Van Walleghem, a local Catholic priest residing in Dickebusch and Reninghelst, just west of Ypres, kept a diary from August 1914 up until a few years after the war. With an inquisitive eye and…


Themes: Race; Diary